Enjoy the south of Spain as a member of ACSI

If you are a member of ACSI you’re in luck, because in Camping Giralda you can use the CampingCard ACSI. With spectacular discounts you can spend some time with us and enjoy one of the most popular campsites in southern Spain. Located in the town of Isla Cristina, Huelva, and located across from the Atlantic Ocean in a pine forest next to the Carreras estuary. We offer fabulous facilities on almost 15 hectares of pure nature. The possibility of renting a bungalow is the perfect alternative for those who do not want to travel in a motorhome or caravan. Excursions to know the culture and gastronomy of the area, nature sports, cycling and hiking, in addition to Spanish and cooking courses are some of the activities you can practice with us. What more could you ask for?

Experience nature with us

If you love nature, Camping Giralda offers everything you are looking for. With over 15 hectares of trees by the sea, our facilities are visited by more and more people who need to get away from the big city and relax. Would you like to relax with us?


At Camping Giralda you are going to have a great time. We have everything ready to offer all kinds of activities to make your stay with us memorable for a long time. Learning Spanish and also cooking nice Andalusian dishes? Guided tours throughout the region with special emphasis on the cultural and gastronomic heritage? Cycling or hiking in an area full of nature? Yes. All of this and much more.

Free cooking courses

Cultural and gastronomic tours

Free spanish lessons

Sport practice in the area

And now, FREE WIFI for ACSI card holders


2nd contract 10% discount
Wifi free from 3rd month
2nd contract 10% discount

Table prices for ACSI members

Period / Pack ACSI

1 day: 18.00€

12 days: 190.00€

1 month: 380.00€

2 months: 760.00€

3 months: 1.140.00€

4 months: 1.520.00€

5 months: 1.900.00€

6 months: 2.280.00€

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