With all of our facilities, you will soon forget the outside world!

Facilities are practical, functional and fully integrated in a Mediterranean type grove that forms a wonderful pinewood. All with the charm of the tidal river Carreras and the Marshes; this can be permanently seen from the terrace and pier. You can also enjoy some indescribable beautiful sunsets.

Camping Giralda has a parcelled area of almost 15 hectares, with capacity for 2,000 people. 50% of these plots are used to camping area and the rest for caravans.


We have all the amenities of a 1st class camping site

Forget complications, routines and schedules, and think only about enjoying your stay at Camping Giralda. We make it easy for you: our offer of services covers every basic need and guarantees your safety.

  • Playground for kids: swimming pools for children and adults with a spectacular lawn.
  • Sinks: to wash up your crockery, etc.
  • Special toilets for babies and disabled people.
  • Restaurant and cafetería: where you can enjoy food at any time of day.
  • Supermarket: with a wide range of food products, so you don’t have to go looking for anything outside of the campsite.
  • Sports court.
  • Wifi zone: free in the TV lounge and with pre pay throughout the campsite.
  • 24 hour security: throughout the campsite.
  • First-aid kit: assisted by medical assistant and first aid service in high season.
  • Fire prevention: the campsite has extinguishers and vehicles for this task.
  • Hot water: in the toilets (in the modules and individual), free of charge around the clock.
  • Launderette with clothes dryer.
  • Playground, sports and adventure area.
  • Sweets and news stand: in high season.
  • 4 toilet buildings.
  • Exterior parking: while the barrier remains closed (from 24h to 8h).
  • Sales of camping gas and camping materials.
  • Adventure and animation zones with instructors: in high season.
  • 2 parceled hectares: up to 2,000 people.
  • Entry and exit vehicle controlled by license plates recognition.
  • Water points and 220V and 10A electricity conections.
  • We can safeguard your belongings. We also offer postal and telephone service.
  • Animals: except in bungalows or hostel rooms.
  • Emergency: Lights and electrical emergency equipment.
  • Car and camper wash and chemical toilet emptying.



The environment in which Camping Giralda Isla Cristina is located is just fabulous. Aside from Isla Cristina itself, with its fishing port and its attractive and bustling Fish MarketCarreras River Marshes and the natural wealth of its protected pine forest, the possibilities of enjoyment in a radius of 150km are almost endless. The marine and fluvial attractive surrounding Camping Giralda, the Atlantic Ocean, the marshes and the Rio Guadiana at just 15 km, allow you to enjoy fabulous boat trips, to explore the coast, both Spanish and Portuguese, from a unique perspective.

There are numerous villages and places with wealth and glamour that you can visit starting from our campsite and are not too far away. Almonte – Doñana – El Rocio to 90 kms, natural and cultural heritage from West Andalusia; Aracena and its Cave of Wonders 140 km away, cave treasure with formations and with impressive underground lakes; the Natural Park Picos de Aroche 150 kms away, with its exuberant biological wealth, or Jabugo Area 140 km away, with its delicious culinary products of the meadow Iberian pig, are some of the most representative examples.

The historical and cultural heritage of the area is undeniable. The Columbus Route, declared historical artistic area of Huelva and that is no more than 70km away from our location, is proof of that. Towns framed in this must see, and which are witness to the preparation and implementation of the first voyage of Christopher Columbus that finished with the discovery of America, are Palos de la Frontera, with the Monastery of La Rabida, and Moguer, where the ships get sail bound for the Indies.

Within a radius of 100km, you will find very interesting coastal towns. Isla Canela, La Antilla, Punta Umbria or Matalascañas represent alternatives to Isla Cristina, to enjoy the coast and its spectacular culinary products.

Somewhat further away, about 150km, you will find cities of undoubted interest as SevilleJerez and Cadiz. One really must see, according to all that they offer: cultural and historic the first one, good “fino” wine and “flamenco”the second one and beauty of the Bay of Cadiz and the art of his people the third one.

We cannot put aside the great choice to visit Portugal, which is located only 15 kms away. The Algarve, with its coastal and inland towns, is another incentive to make use of our facilities. If we add to all the above, the climate of Huelva, transition between subtropical and temperate, with not too cold winters and summers softened by the breeze, we know that your stay in Camping Giralda Isla Cristina will be full of unforgettable moments.

Nature at your feet all year.


Our site has been designed to respectfully the nature that surrounds it. Our plots are defined and integrated into the dune, the only feature of the environment of Isla Cristina.

Those who wish to enjoy the proximity of the natural environment, without artifice, have a unique opportunity. The beach is just a short walk away: seven to eight kilometers of pristine sand, no buildings, with an excellent climate for initiation practice of sports such as windsurfing or kitesurfing.

Moreover, Isla Cristina also offers excellent opportunities for those who want to discover a different cuisine, focusing on seafood; not in vain its market is one of the most active in the south of Spain, and the town is among the main fishing ports in the country.

And going a little further, there is so much more to discover. Within just ten to fifteen kilometers, we have boat trips on the Guadiana river, natural parks, the Cave of Wonders of Aracena, Jabugo delights and even Portugal. At various times of the year we can enjoy music festivals, go-kart tracks, shopping areas… entertainment for every taste!

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